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Here I am year number three,
I made it here in spite of me.
The road isn’t easy, the path isn’t clear,
But if I keep trudging forward, I can lessen my fears.
There hasn’t been a reason, in sobriety so far,
To seek out an answer, at the end of a bar.
I take what I learn from the young and the old,
I listen more carefully, and do what I’m told.
Through thick and thin, tribulations and trials,
Life keeps getting better, less frowns and more smiles.
From whence I came, to where I am going,
It’s not my eyes this time, but my face that is glowing.
I continue to pray, morning and night
And lead by example and seek out His Light.
So follow your sponsor and lead your sponcees
To a journey of serenity, that starts on your knees.
Practice these principles in all your affairs
And add a piece of your heart, to all of your shares.
So carry the message to all that will hear it
And you too will be with us in the Fellowship of the Spirit.
May God bless you and keep you – until then.

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