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I Destroy Homes; I Tear Families Apart. I'll Take Away Your Children. But That's Just A Start.

I'm More Precious Then Diamonds, More Valued Then Gold. Once You Have Tried Me, Your Soul I Will Hold.

You Want Me, You Need Me.? Just Look Around. I Live In Every City, Stay In Every Town.

I Live With The Rich, I Live With The Poor. You Can Find Me Down The Street, And Even Next Door

I'm Made In A Lab, But Not Like You Think. I Can Be Made Under Your Kitchen Sink.

You Can Hide Me In Your Closet, Or Out Back In The Woods. Do I Scare You To Death? Well I Certainly Should.

I Have Many Names, But The One You All Know Best; Is No Other Then Me, They Call Me Crystal Meth.

Try Me Once, I Might Set You Free. But Try Me Twice, Its Me You Will Seek. You Can Deny It All You Want, But Your Life Now Belongs To Me

I Will Posses You, To Steal, Cheat, And Lie. I'll Make You Do Anything, Just To Get Your Next High.

You'll Lie To Your Mom. You'll Steal From Your Dad. You'll Have No More Conscious; Think This Is Bad?

You'll Forget All Your Morals, And How You Were Raised. I've Already Taught You, My Scandalous Ways.

I Will Take Your Happiness, Self Control, And Your Pride. Don't Worry, I'll Be Your Best Friend And Stay By Your Side.

You'll Give Up Your Friends, Your Family And Home. Then When I'm Gone, You will Be All Alone.

I'll Take Everything You've Got, Until You Have Nothing To Give. When I'm Finished With You, You'll Be Lucky To Live.

You Can Try Me For Fun, But I'm Not A Fun Game. Given The Chance, I Will Drive You Insane.

I Am The Nightmares You Get While In Bed. I Am Those Voices Inside Of Your Head.

So, Will You Try Me Now That You've Been Told? I'll Take You In My Grasp, Whether You're Young Or You're Old.

You Could Have Said "No." ; And Just Walked Away. If You Could Do It All Over , What Would You Say?

I Am A Monster, And I Refuse To Behave. I Am A Devil, Lets Go To Your Grave.

Now That I Have Told You, And You Know Me So Well; Grab Ahold Of My Hand, While I Lead You To Hell.

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