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One Day at a Time is a musical song of hope and inspiration to those who still suffer from the disease of addiction. It is a walk through a life of childhood innocence into the abyss of teenage self inflicted hardships, and onto the path of sincere change and a life of recovery.


One Day at a Time is my personal story and I was inspired with the words and music to the song in my first rehab in 1995. For many years I struggled to move on and live these words and actions of change within my life. There are so many people from all walks of life who have been affected by this disease (entertainment, sports, politics) who are recovering.


One Day at a Time is a song of encouragement for those who have years of recovery but more importantly a light of hope and inspiration to those who have achieved just one day of sobriety in this life long process. I truly thank God for this blessing and pray that my musical experience, strength and hope will help others to achieve the gift of sobriety and overcome the disease of addiction One Day at a Time.              


Now one year later after the untimely death of the "King of Pop' Michael Jackson we need to take a look at addiction in all facets. 

Please share your feelings about this "World _wide inspirational recovery thats touching lives in every fellowship. Thanks again for your support and your inspiration! 

"One Day at a Time"
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