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Prayer of a Lost Soul

On my knees I pray to God, I long for solid ground.

I’m sailing through a hurricane, can’t seem to turn around.

Dear Lord I surrender, my life is yours to save,

Wake me from this nightmare, and keep me from the grave.

Help me find some refuge from this killer storm,

Give to me a new life, help me be reborn.

The trail of tears that follow me, have spilled into the river,

Aboard my broken vessel I wait to be delivered.

How do I begin again? I haven’t got a clue.

What little there is left of me, I give it all to You.

Do with me, what You will and guide my shaking hands,

Make my spirit whole again; Your wish is my command.

The life that you have given me, I’ve altogether squandered,

The alcohol and drug abuse, far off the path I’ve wandered.

Teach me to help others, and how to love myself,

Let me take my checkered past and place it on a shelf.

I’ll use it like a textbook to keep others from my fate,

Show them there’s a better way and lead them to the gate.

Make me Your ambassador, a messenger of love,

All these things I ask of You, Almighty God above.


                                                           Sean Alan Forster

                                                                Copyright 2010

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